East’s employees rate highly on happiness

There’s been quite a lot of talk – from the future head of state down – about mental health issues in the UK recently, which has put paid to the “stiff upper lip” response to emotional distress once and for all (hopefully!).

But what about positive emotional well-being? New research into workplace happiness by Happiness Works on behalf of Robert Half UK has revealed that employees in the East of England are the second happiest in Britain, trumped (sorry, wrong word) only by those in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The research reveals that people from Yorkshire and the Humber find their work more interesting (74%), get on with their team (88%), have good friends in the office (72%) and suffer less stress (38%).

The breakdown of respondents who are generally happy at work looks like this:

  1. Yorkshire and the Humber: 70%
  2. East of England: 66%
  3. Midlands: 65%
  4. North: 63%
  5. London: 63%
  6. South: 60%
  7. Scotland: 56%

Source: Robert Half UK and Happiness Works. The national average of those questioned who said they are happy at work is 63%.

Curiously, the East of England comes bottom for fairness and respect – only 59% of employees in the East feel they are treated fairly, below the national average of 67%. But surely this couldn’t men that employees in the east of England are happiest when they’re being treated badly!?

“While employee happiness levels may vary across the UK, the bottom line remains the same,” commented Phil Sheridan, senior managing director, Robert Half UK. “Happiness is an individual experience and one solution may not work for everybody. However in our report, ‘The secrets of the happiest companies and employees‘, we have uncovered there are six universal factors that directly affect employee happiness.

“They are being the right fit for job and company, having a sense of empowerment, feeling appreciated, having interesting and meaningful work, having a sense of fairness in the workplace and having positive workplace relationships.

“Happy employees are more engaged, interested and committed. All organisations that want to be successful must make it a priority to introduce policies and initiatives that improve team rapport, make employees feel fulfilled and improve how happy workers feel in their job on a day-to-day basis,” concluded Sheridan.

Right, that’s yer lot, now get on with it!

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