Museum expands into Riverside community facility

Cambridge has taken to street food like a swan to water in the last couple of years, with foodPark and Thirsty being two of the organisers who have ensured that customers can enjoy superb menus in regular locations across the city, including the Science Park and the burgeoning Cambridge station development area.

This month sees Thirsty, the drinking venue on Chesterton Road, partnering with the Cambridge Museum of Technology to put on a series of events starting with a Biergarten which will open every weekend from April 28 until the end of September.

The Museum houses some incredible feats of engineering, including water pumps and engines from the halcyon days of iron. Next to the main building is the Edwardian Engineer’s House, which was home to generations of various caretakers and workers on the site. Behind the house is a garden, and it is this garden which is being transformed into a leisure destination, starting with a Biergarten at 4pm on April 28 open for four afternoons/evenings over the May Bank Holiday weekend. The garden will then be open every weekend until September, with other options and events including soft drinks, ice cream, a farmer’s market and outdoor films. Street food – a hugely popular part of the Thirsty experience on Chesterton Road with Guerrilla Kitchen, Steak & Honour and Reggae Kitchen – will also be a key part of the experience at the family-friendly new venue.

“To say we are excited about this is the understatement of the year,” say the Thirsty crew, run by Sam Owens, owner of LGV UK which owns the retail premises on Chesterton Road. “There is nowhere else like this place in the city. We’re working our jolly butts off to clear and prepare the site, turning the areas behind the railings overlooking the river into a proper German-style biergarten by the end of the month, but with a funky Thirsty twist. We’ll be open every Friday pm/evening, Saturday day/evening and Sunday day/evening until the end of September.”

Hectic! Thanks should be extended to several teams of volunteers who helped clear the garden in the last year – a huge ask which saw dozens of people contribute their time and energy to help turn the site into a more productive community facility.

The latest gardening day was on Easter Monday, which saw a new bank of steps installed to improve access, old fencing and various hazards removed, and chipping laid down for the Biergarten’s punters. Pictured is the garden cleared and ready for the Biergarten season.

“It was a brilliant day,” said the event’s organiser, Katy Bailey.

Find out more on Twitter @ThirstyFest or on Facebook at ‘Thirsty Cambridge’. More on the Cambridge Museum of Technology at

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