Cambridge drivers average 13mph!

Who knew, apart from everyone who uses the roads in Cambridge? After it was announced in February that the average driver will spend 32 hours a year in traffic jams, Satrak analysed 527,700 vehicles and found that Cambridge is the slowest city in the UK with average speeds of just 13mph — 7mph lower than most of its strict 20mph city speed limits.

Some might say 13mph is pretty good going if you’re on Mill Road at 5pm, though in fact none of the cities featured within the top ten surpassed 20mph, with speeds in Oxford (10th) only reaching 16mph. For those interested, the fastest average speeds in cities were found in Carlisle (44.7mph), Preston (39.8mph), and Winchester (39mph).

Satrak also assessed the UK’s motorways and got some pretty wretched data there too – the M25 was found to be the slowest motorway of all, with the average speed totalled at a dismal 25.05mph.

Dan Walton, MD of Satrak Plant Security, said: “It’s nice to see that people are taking care in many of our cities, as these places are often busy and above all are not environments for speeding.”

Fat chance! Check out the slowest cities in the interactive map at

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