Digitising the Building Industry

Digitising the building industry ‘will aid growth’ 

The quicker the building trade adopts digital processes the faster it will grow and develop, according to a new report.

Digitisation has meant that the industry uses technology to find out information, such as building plans, deeds and planning applications online, but there is much more that can be done, according to document scanning and management firm Pearl Scan.

It’s no secret that the country is facing a chronic housing shortage. Latest figures suggest that the country will have a housing deficit of 1m by 2025, due to both a slowdown in the building industry and an increase in the population. And despite the government pledging more money than ever before into the building trade, it could actually be technology that helps to lift the fledging industry by increasing the speed of retrieval and providing more effective service to construction and investment companies.

“Over the last five years, local authorities have really embraced the digital age,” says Pearl Scan managing director Naveed Ashraf, “making the use of social media to open up a two-way form of communication, investing in websites in order to inform local residents about the issues that affect them, and of course making information freely available to those who request it.

“But despite these developments, more can be done to speed up the time it takes for planning investigations to be conducted and shorten the time between application and a decision being made.”

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