Thames Valley Futures predictions made

Thames Valley Futures
July 14th, 2015

Hosted by Thames Valley Property and Construction Excellence Berkshire, more than 40 attendees were at the Green Park Reading, Tech Space on Tuesday 14th July.  The speakers were led by Matthew Battle, Chair of Thames Valley Property who outlined his views on the future of the Thames Valley property market and was complimented by Charles Dady, Partner – Head of UK Business Space, Cushman & Wakefield and Daniel Lampard, Senior Director, Head of Thames Valley office, NLP Planning. All had a common message that was also reflected in the ‘straw pole’ held with the delegates. This focused on continued investment in infrastructure as the key to the future success of the region. Crossrail, Heathrow, WRAtH and GWR upgrade will affect the growth of the key towns in the Thames Valley. Many of these issues will be presented at the Thames Valley Property Forum on September 10th also to be held at the Green Park conference centre.

Future Predictions for the Thames Valley from the delegates were:

  • Heathrow does get approval
  • Crossrail continues drives TV economy
  • Reading attracts new tenants for offices
  • Heathrow does get approval
  • Thames Valley acts as dormitory for London – draining skills
  • Thames Valley = Southern Powerhouse
  • Growth of last mile delivery for logistics
  • WRAtH does get built
  • Growth of dual hub organisations – London + Thames Valley
  • Bracknell grows into a new regional centre
  • Green Park station benefits Reading
  • Residential costs affect the quality life in the Thames Valley
  • Slough becomes gateway for Heathrow
  • Thames Valley = Superfast Data Hub
  • Oxford joins the Thames Valley debate
  • Increased spec industrial development
  • Flow of skills from Thames Valley to Euro regions
  • Thames Valley builds a cultural / arts facility
  • Third Reading crossing is built and approved
  • Reading + Oxford compete with London Universities